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Who says small town students are not employable? Who says they don’t have the skills?

Trainer Sawan from Trainopaedia with the students after Interview Skills Training

I recently trained this bunch of students studying Agriculture Business Management coming from various villages and small towns across Maharashtra .

Training has always been my passion. I always enjoy training; whether it’s training Managers, Trainers and Associates at a company like #amazon or training these students coming from small towns. But training these students has been more special as I too come from a small town. These students have great potential. All they need is the right kind of skills that open the doors of success for them.

Just like many such small-town students living in their own bubbles, unaware of what's happening around them, I was neither aware of nor had access to much needed training which is essential to make one's career until I came to a city like Pune.

Now, after spending 12 years imparting training, I have decided to give it back to the society which I come from. I have founded Trainopaedia with a mission to enable students coming from small towns with the help of customized world class training techniques available at the price of a movie ticket, so that everyone could afford it.

Looking forward to reaching out to more such students and institutes from small towns and making their students employable. Please get in touch with me in case you need help. It'd be my pleasure to help you.




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