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We are a training company that provides custom-made cost effective training solutions.

Our vision is to make world class training accessible to everyone and transform individuals into highly skilled professionals with a potential to become trailblazing leaders.

We are on a mission to help Educational Institutes, Organizations and Individuals thrive with the help of our perfectly customized training programs.



Trainopaedia (OPC) Private Limited, was founded by Sawan D, a professional with over thirteen years of rich training experience in the Education, Customer Service, and E-commerce sectors.

Here are three reasons why Trainopaedia was founded:

1. The need to introduce Life Skills in The education sector:

The education sector needs a makeover. The students should learn Life Skills in the early stages of their life than the traditional norm of acquiring the skills only when they are about to begin their careers. The students lack the skills and vision to build the right careers for themselves.

2. Lack of professional & Leadership Skills in working professionals:

Most of the working professionals in India lack skills that make them and their respective employers successful. This leads to a lack of clear communication, collaboration, and productivity which affects the businesses. The employers seem to have realized the importance of Learning & Development for the workforce; however, the quality of the training programs often fails to translate their vision into reality.

3. Career and Leadership coaching:

Students, Job Seekers, Working Professionals, and even Leaders need coaching to enhance their skills and bring out the best in them. There are several courses and training providers in the market; however, it's imperative to make the right learning choices to avoid it being a waste of time and resources.

Trainopaedia collaborates with Educational Institutes and Corporates to educate and assist them achieve their goals with the help of customized training programs.  We also coach individuals i.e. students, job seekers, working professionals, and leaders to thrive in their careers.


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Founder & Director, Trainopaedia

Sawan is a Certified Corporate and Voice & Accent Trainer with over thirteen years of rich training experience. He has worked with market leaders like Amazon and several other prestigious Educational Institutes, Leading Training Organizations, Domestic Companies, and Multinationals.

After working in different domains in the training industry and observing the nooks and crannies of the same; the need for world-class custom-made training that is accessible and affordable to everyone, became of paramount importance to him. Thus, he established Trainopaedia.

Since the inception of the company in 2018, he has been helping various Educational Institutes, Corporates, and Individuals with their training needs.

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