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About Us

Trainopaedia is a training company founded by Ex-Amazonians and provides Learning and Training solutions.

Our vision is to make world-class training accessible to everyone and transform individuals into highly skilled professionals with the potential to become trailblazing leaders.

We are on a mission to help Educational Institutes, Organizations and Individuals thrive with the help of our perfectly customized training programs.

We collaborate with Educational Institutes and Corporates to educate and assist them in achieving their goals with the help of customized training programs.  We also coach individuals i.e., students, job seekers, working professionals, and leaders to thrive in their careers.

Sawan D. - Director Trainopaedia

Sawan D.

Founder & Director of Trainopaedia

Our Founder

Sawan is a Learning/Training consultant with more than thirteen years of rich training experience. He has worked for Amazon, various multinational and domestic corporations, leading training organizations, and prestigious educational institutes.


He is known for establishing and leading training teams, managing training programs, and creating and curating content for online and offline learning.


An MBA in Corporate Training Management, he is passionate about assisting businesses in revitalizing their training initiatives and enabling their workforce to achieve business objectives.

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Our Story told by Our Founder 

As an Ex-amazonian with over thirteen years of extensive training experience in the Education, Customer Service, and E-commerce sectors, I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship by establishing Trainopaedia (OPC) Private Limited in 2018, shortly after concluding my remarkable journey with Amazon.

Hailing from a small town in the Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra, I never had the opportunity to acquire the soft or behavioral skills crucial for a successful career. It was during my tenure as a Customer Support Associate at Mphasis BPO that I first encountered the concept of training. Witnessing its impact firsthand, I decided to pursue a career in this field.


Although I possessed a natural talent for explaining and educating others, I recognized the need for further refinement. Consequently, I underwent a Train The Trainer Program at a renowned institute in Pune to hone my training skills.

The idea of establishing a training company had always intrigued me. However, before embarking on that journey, I was determined to delve into the intricacies of the training industry. Therefore, I began taking up training projects with educational institutes, which exposed me to a significant disparity between the skills required for students to excel professionally and the subpar training they received.

Subsequently, I expanded my training endeavours to include domestic corporations, only to discover that the training provided was far from being experiential learning and failed to yield the desired return on investment. While businesses in the Western world recognized the transformative potential of training, many Indian enterprises considered it a burden.

It was during my time at Amazon that I witnessed training being valued as an asset. Drawing from my previous experiences, I employed effective training content development methodologies and programs, which yielded positive outcomes for the company. Through this process, I realized that high-quality training can indeed deliver the desired results and return on investment. Motivated by this revelation, I resolved to launch my own training company, offering a diverse range of training solutions.

Trainopaedia, aptly named to reflect its comprehensive nature, aims to be a one-stop solution provider, akin to an Encyclopaedia that encompasses various branches of knowledge.


The decision to establish Trainopaedia was driven by four primary reasons:

1. Introducing Life Skills in the Education Sector: Recognizing the need for change in the education sector, Trainopaedia advocates for the early integration of Life Skills into the curriculum, enabling students to develop these essential skills from an early age rather than solely in preparation for their careers.

2. Enhancing essential skills for working professionals: The dearth of effective communication, collaboration, productivity, and other fundamental skills adversely affects businesses across India. Employers have begun acknowledging the significance of Training and Development, but the quality of existing programs often falls short of materializing their vision.

3. Fostering career and professional skills: Students, job seekers, working professionals, and leaders alike require coaching to enhance their skills and unlock their true potential. While numerous online courses and training providers saturate the market, it is crucial to make informed learning choices that effectively translate one's time and efforts into success.

4. Offering world-class yet affordable services: While top-notch training solutions are available, many individuals and companies find them financially inaccessible, settling instead for inferior, low-cost alternatives that compromise on quality.

Through Trainopaedia, I strive to address these pressing needs in the education, corporate, and professional spheres, providing impactful training programs that empower individuals and organizations to thrive.

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