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Stand Out as a Trainer: Tips to Make any Recruiter Contact You Instantly

A person looking different from others, Standing out among others

We recently invited applications from trainers to empanel with us. Since people nowadays use AI and other editing software to draft their resumes and cover letters, we were expecting some quality error-free profiles. To my surprise, only a few of them are good, while others are just okay. I may sound rude to many trainers, but it's time to turn on your learning mode and start keeping up with important industry trends so that you stay relevant. As a recruiter who has also been a trainer, I’d like to share some tips to make any recruiter contact you Instantly.

1. Don’t copy AI-generated content blindly: Out of all the resumes and cover letters we’ve received, 30% use similar sentences, and some even have the same sentence order. This can turn off any recruiter and make them ignore your profile. It’s important to edit and personalize AI-generated content to match their requirements.

2. Highlight Technology Skills: As trainers, you usually focus on your soft skills. However, being good with Learning Management Systems (LMS), e-learning platforms, and content creation tools can really boost your chances. So, if you have these skills, make sure to highlight them in your profile.

3. Include Metrics: Using action verbs is good but isn’t enough if you want to stand out. Include specific metrics or outcomes of your training programs. For example, instead of saying "conducted training sessions," you should highlight achievements like "increased employee productivity by 20% through targeted training sessions.” Be ready to justify what you write though.

4. Showcase Continuous Learning Efforts: Demonstrate your commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and techniques in the training and learning industry. By doing so, you stand out from trainers who are stuck with just a few training techniques or skills they learned when they started training years ago.

5. Avoid Jargon: Overloading the resume with industry jargon can be off-putting to HR professionals who are unfamiliar with training-related terms. Entry-level recruiters, who generally search for trainers for their clients, should be able to understand your work. If they don’t, they may not pass on your profiles further.

6. Mention Previous Clients/Employers: Some trainers claim to have worked with well-known clients or employers but don't name them, which makes recruiters suspicious. I recommend sharing a couple of references, asking for recommendations on LinkedIn, or getting testimonials from your clients. This gives recruiters instant confidence to reach out to you.

7. Avoid Lengthy Resumes: Recruiters don't have time to read every detail in your profile. They focus on keywords, so make sure to include keywords from the job description. Skip the long, old-fashioned resumes showcasing the details of every job and client you've had. Highlight the most relevant skills and experiences that show you're a good fit for the requirement.

8. Insert Links: Include clickable links in your resume or cover letter to any important content, pages, or websites that you want the recruiters to see. This helps the recruiters check your achievements beyond your resumes. Make sure to test these links to confirm they lead to the correct locations.

9. Get Your Basics Right: Please share your profile as a PDF to avoid formatting issues on different computers. Rename your file using your First Name + Last Name + Role you are applying for. This helps recruiters save and find your file easily. Put your contact details at the top of your profile. Include your cover letter in the email body instead of as an attachment, unless you are specifically asked to.

I really shouldn't have had to tell you any of this, but as trainers, you may develop the habit of believing that you never make mistakes, which is a dangerous mindset. As a trainer, you should make an excellent first impression. Your CV and cover letter are critical to making an impact on recruiters. You may miss out on amazing opportunities if you do not learn how to write attention-grabbing resumes and cover letters.


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