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Graduates, Are You Industry Ready?

Drawing on data from 60,000 graduates pan-India, an employability solutions company noted that around 47 percent of Indian graduates are unemployable. According to a McKinsey report, only a quarter of Indian engineers are employable. Other studies put it at a much lower figure and even as low as five percent (Source: Economic Times, Jul 10, 2018).

Same is the case with employability rate for MBA students, which is as low as 36.44% (Source: India Skills Report 2019).

We often talk about how the skills taught to graduates should be updated from time to time considering the industry requirements, to make them employable. However, what we don't pay much attention to, is the number of graduates who remain unemployed despite good academic performance.

Here is what happens every year to a number of students in India: They score well in exams and are shortlisted for placement drives. They never really prepare for anything else but written exams. As a result they fail to do well in Aptitude Tests, Group Discussions and Interviews that are conducted by employers during placement drives. This lack of preparation results in unemployment.

On the other hand, there are students who are the top academic performers, yet end up getting a lower pay package because they, like the above mentioned students, fail to perform well in placement drives.

Gone are those days when merely the scores in exams were considered for jobs. Companies nowadays have realized that no matter how talented their employees are, if they can’t communicate well among themselves, it can easily lead to the downfall of the company. If they are not good listeners, they won’t learn well. If they can’t work in teams, no goals can be achieved. Hence they look for employees with better soft skills.

It’s a wake up call for all those who still believe only good academic background can get them jobs. Do remember that there are thousands of others with similar marks and degrees. What set’s you apart from them is your soft skills.

Below is a list of a few selected soft skills that can make you industry ready. It is advisable that these skills be developed before you start applying for jobs. The ideal time to start learning these skills gradually would be from your high school days through your graduation or post graduation. These skills will certainly help you not only in your personal life, but also in your career. It's evident that people with such skills move up the career ladder faster as compared to others who don't have them. Focus on acquiring and enhancing the following skills:

  1. Time Management

  2. Listening Skills

  3. Receiving Feedback

  4. Critical Thinking

  5. Communication Skills

  6. Teamwork

  7. Positive Thinking

  8. Motivation