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Workplace Policy

1. Remote Work Policy:

1.1 Eligibility: Remote work may be an option for employees based on their role and as agreed upon with their supervisor. Not all positions are eligible for remote work.


1.2 Remote Work Agreement: Employees interested in remote work must enter into a Remote Work Agreement that outlines expectations, responsibilities, and any necessary equipment or technology.


1.3 Work Environment: Remote employees are responsible for creating a suitable and secure work environment, free from distractions, to support productivity.


1.4 Communication: Remote employees must maintain regular communication with their team and supervisors through email, chat, video conferencing, or other appropriate channels.


1.5 Data Security: Remote employees must adhere to the company's data security policies and protect confidential information.


2. Equal Opportunity and Diversity:


2.1 Commitment: Trainopaedia is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

2.2 Inclusion: We promote an inclusive workplace culture that respects diversity and values the unique contributions of every employee.


2.3 Harassment and Discrimination: We have zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination in any form and encourage employees to report any incidents promptly.


3. Goal-Oriented Organization:


3.1 Performance Expectations: Every employee is expected to align their work with the company's goals and objectives.


3.2 Individual Goals: Employees will work with their supervisors to establish individual performance goals that contribute to the company's success.


3.3 Performance Reviews: Regular performance evaluations will be conducted to assess progress toward goals and provide feedback for improvement.


3.4 Professional Development: Trainopaedia supports employees in achieving their career goals through training, mentorship, and ongoing development opportunities.


4. Flexible Work Hours:

4.1 Core Hours: While we promote flexibility, there may be core hours when employees are expected to be available for collaboration or meetings. These core hours will be communicated by department heads.

4.2 Flexible Scheduling: Employees may have the option to adjust their work hours within reason to accommodate personal needs while ensuring that their job responsibilities are met.

4.3 Overtime and Compensation: Overtime and compensation for flexible work hours will be handled according to applicable labor laws and company policies.


4.4 Request for Flexibility: Employees can request flexible work arrangements through their supervisors, who will consider such requests based on business needs and fairness to all employees.

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