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How to Intern with your dream company and convert the internship into a job offer

Just imagine getting hired by the same company you intern with. No more job search, and no job interviews post internship. While it sounds cool, very few are actually able to do so, courtesy - lack of planning. Here is what you can do to be indispensable to the company and turn your internship into a job offer.

1. Enroll into the right institute:

First things first, shortlist those institutes that are visited by the kind of companies you want to intern or work with. Failing to do this at the initial stages of your student life may affect your career.

2. Select the right company to intern with:

An internship is actually a launchpad for your career. Hence, consider these vital points while selecting a company for the same:

  • Be clear about the kind of job you want: Decide what kind of a job you want. Check if interning with a particular company will help you learn the skills needed for the it. The learning and experience from the internship can certainly help you nail your first job interview.

  • Shortlist the companies for internship: A lot of students intern with one kind of company and end up working with another. Thus, they are unable to acquire the skills and experience they need to work with the kind of company they actually dream of working with. They face a lot of challenges during job interviews too. Hence, shortlist the companies you would want to intern with keeping all this in mind.

3. Acquire and develop the right skills:

Once you have the list of companies ready; the next step is to check the eligibility criteria of these companies for hiring interns. Acquire and develop the right skills (Technical / Soft Skills) that make you suitable for their requirements. Take care of your academic performance too as many companies consider it while selecting interns.


Once you select the company to intern with and grab an intern’s seat, it’s time to work smart and convert it into a job offer. Here is how you can do it: