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Six Reasons Why Training In Small Towns Is Not Making Graduates Employable

7 Reasons Why Campus Placement Training In Small Towns Isn't Making Graduates Employable

There is no denying the fact that very few graduates from small towns are employable, thanks to the lack of employability skills. Moreover, the ones getting employed are paid very less. The placement training culture took its time to reach the small towns. However, the students are still finding it difficult to get employed even after training. That makes it necessary for the educational institutes from small towns to reconsider their placement training process.

Below are six possible reasons why your Placement Training is not as effective as you expect it to be.

1. The Need For Right Kind Of Training Is Not Acknowledged:

The general culture almost everywhere in India is to score well in exams. The entire focus is on clearing exams by hook or by crook. But, clearing exams is just one aspect that makes one eligible for a job. There are several other skills that one needs to have to get hired.

These are the basic skills that a company expects the candidates to have. The skills like - Working in Teams, Time Management, Goal Setting, Email Etiquette, Telephone Etiquette, Computer Competence, Corporate Etiquette, Communication Skills etc. are nowadays a prerequisite. The Institutes and Students from small towns are generally unaware of this and hence they don't acquire them which thwarts their chances of getting placed.

2. The Training Needs Are Not Identified:

Most of the educational institutes are aware of the need for training; however, they are not aware of the right kind of training that will sharpen the skills of their students and make them employable.

There are a lot of training providers i.e. Trainers, Training Institutes and companies that have mushroomed all across the country claiming to be #1; but the question remains; whether they really provide the right kind of training that is tailored to the requirement of the students from small towns or not. These training providers use the same course-ware everywhere, which doesn't help. Students from different backgrounds have different training needs that need to be identified and catered to.

3. Inappropriate Training Methodology:

The training ideally starts only after the training needs are identified and the relevant course-ware and suitable methodology is developed for the same. Students from different institutes have different training needs. Identifying these needs is the first step towards the right kind of training. However, the general trend is of buying ready-made course-ware offered by the training providers. There is a complete lack of need based training that’s causing the damage here.

4. Incompetent Training Providers:

There are very few training providers that really work towards making the students employable. Most of them make money at the cost of lack of knowledge of training of the educational institutes from small towns. Many institutes hire training providers that charge less for trainin